“Sassy Trump” shows his bestie Sean Hannity his favorite parts of the Oval Office

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

While the late-night hosts are doing their best to make fun of President Trump, it seems like every day, a YouTube channel or Twitter handle has a new way to lampoon the commander-in-chief. We all remember that hilarious picture of him in a bathrobe, and recently, videos of “Sassy Trump” have gone viral.

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“Sassy Trump” has the same dialogue as the actual president; he just says it with a bit more fanfare. As if that wasn’t enough, Fox News host Sean Hannity gets a wild voice as well.

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While you can definitely see the bromance when the two encounter each other in real life, “Sassy Trump” and “Sassy Hannity” seem to have an even closer bond.

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