Alec Baldwin is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, and the show cannot stop teasing their new host. Baldwin has catapulted into the national spotlight for his impressions of Donald Trump on the weekly show that has been running for over forty years. In face, he’s become so recognizable as Donald Trump that on Friday, a Dominican Republic newspaper mistakenly ran a picture of the actor instead of the president who he impersonates.

Baldwin has continuously expressed his contempt for the president, taunting the commander-in-chief on Twitter by writing that if he released his tax returns, he’ll stop playing the character. When Sean Spicer criticized the actor for being mean, Baldwin responded, “That’s what they’re supposed to say.”

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“Saturday Night Live” has enjoyed their biggest audience in 22 years–since Adam Sandler and Chris Farley were bringing audiences to tears on the show. The “Saturday Night Live” writing staff has likely been working overtime to keep up with the president’s antics, and that’s especially true after writer Katie Rich was fired for an inappropriate tweet about Barron Trump.

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