Scammer Hilariously Fakes Being Hit By A Car, All Caught on Camera

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It appears one man is living proof of the theory that it never hurts to try to fake it until you make it. This man did so seemingly in an effort to collect injury money.

Hey, you can’t rip a guy for trying, right?

Well, social media did anyway — and undoubtedly rightfully so.

After all, anyone who saw the video of the Hong Kong man running and jumping into a car knew the whole thing was an act. It was made even clearer when he did his whole “injured” routine on the pavement after the fake accident.

“Give him the oscar!” read one comment beneath the video.

And that about sums it up, though this was less Oscar-worthy and a worse “B” movie from the 1980s.

Rolling…Roling Down The Street

In fact, if it were a scene in a movie, it would be left on the cutting room floor. The car stops, the man runs and jumps on the hood, and the man stumbles to the ground. The only thing that resembles an actual accident is that this individual thought it might work.

But guess what? Paramedics actually showed up anyway. Perhaps because someone reported a crazy man rolling around in the street.

Not surprisingly, he took off running, perhaps realizing that the paramedics were on to him. Clearly, the rest of the world is, and the rest of the world can’t be blamed.

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