School Does Virtual Fire Drill For Students — Despite Them Being at Home

I certainly did not see this coming whatsoever. Personally, I think this is quite silly and dumb, but hey, anything to keep the kids entertained. Ever since the whole coronavirus pandemic occurred, students have been forced to take their classes online to make sure their health doesn’t get compromised by social distancing. We’ve seen a lot of our stories which include either a parent in the background naked or a student accidentally not putting the mute button and says something that they weren’t supposed to. But this, this one takes the cake. A High School in Indianapolis has caught the attention of social media with its latest attempt at a fire drill.

Why did this school district go viral? Well because it was all done virtually. Yes, because you have to know how to get out of a building even though you’re not there physically. This is insanely dumb if you ask me. While teachers and students have been learning at the comfort of your own home, the school sent out an email stating that there will indeed a fire drill and everyone must participate. The hilarious and insane video was posted by dad, Jason Hammer, who shows his son Christopher by holding his laptop on his computer and partaking in the said virtual fire drill while at home while sitting on his couch.

A Virtual Fire Drill?

Distance Learning

We can all agree that this is stupid right? Conducting a fire drill in a place where the High school students or middle school students are not id just unnecessary and insane. What is the purpose of this? You’re taking time away from teaching children very important lessons in either History or English and showing them how to get out of a building that they are not physically in. The school also decided to show them a blueprint of the school and showing them their exits. It’s hilarious to me that nobody stopped this as soon as they heard it. There’s not a sane person that said “hey maybe this doesn’t need to be taught since children aren?t at school.”

I’m all about safety when it comes to children. It’s been a scary few years for all of us, especially due to all of the shootings, lockdowns and threats, but this to me it just seems like a waste of time. How is this logical, I really do not understand. Hey, anything to keep the kids busy am I right? Distance learning, for ya. I wonder how elementary schools will go about this.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published Aug 20, 2020.


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