Sebastian Maniscalco explains why answering the doorbell is VERY different now than when he was a kid YouTube/Screenshot

In his 2012 special “What’s Wrong with People” comedian Sebastian Maniscalco explains the very different mindsets people have about answering the doorbell now, compared to when he was a kid.

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According to Maniscalco answering the doorbell twenty years ago would have meant a happy moment, such as guests arriving at your house.

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Maniscalco explains that his mother would always have some sort of special cake in the house just in case company ever had to drop by. Cake and coffee then became a happy ritual that he has since connected to the ringing of the doorbell.

Fast forward two decades and the reaction is very different.

“It’s like…what the fuck?” Maniscalco says as he mimes saying “get down” to his relatives for safety.

“Somebody get the sword!

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