Be A ‘Nice Neighbor’ With This Sexy Mr. Rogers Costume

If you had a lot of weird thoughts as a kid then sexy costume retailer Yandy has just the Halloween costume to reawaken your demons and kinks. It’s called the “Nicest Neighbor” costume but, for all intents and purposes, it’s a sexy Mr. Rogers costume.

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Why turn one of America’s most beloved old men of all time into a sexual fetish? Why not! This is a 86,400 second a day content cycle we’re living in. There’s no time to ask questions about if it’s weird or absurd to use a Mr. Rogers type likeness to get people horny. There are no bad ideas! Any idea that’s actionable is a good idea. If anything good ideas are bad ideas, because good ideas require real work to execute, and the return on good work is no longer high enough to value it above ten easily executed abjectly dogshit ideas.

Actually this is a pretty hilarious sexy costume. Imagining someone being a little messed up about hooking up with a sexy Mister Rogers on Halloween is wonderful. Plus this is right up Yandy’s alley. They are, after all, the makers of the sexy Fake News costume, among others.


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From their website:

Won’t you be my neighbor? Entice your friends next door with your playful puppets! Suit up with a neck tie, and be the friendliest next door neighbor in town in this exclusive Nicest Neighbor costume featuring a red top with a V-neckline, long fitted sleeves, a white detachable collar with a black neck tie, and matching high waisted gray shorts with belt loops. (Hand puppets, wig, belt and socks not included.)

Don’t forget those hand puppets! You can’t fully complete the troublingly hot costume without having King Friday XIII tell your new lover to take his pants off.

The Nicest Neighbor costume, by Yandy: the scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween, but on a quieter, more psychological level. And, of course, leans into the costume full throttle.

Sexy Fake News Costume

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on September 19, 2019.

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