Shoeless Woman Carried Out of Waffle House Upside Down by Employee

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you come to Waffle House, you’d better come strong, or not at all. As comedian Jim Gaffigan once said, the breakfast chain’s motto ought to be, “It’s 2 a.m. There’s still time to make one more bad decision.”

Well, it’s not known if it was 2 a.m., but one Orlando woman made a bad decision by not wearing any shoes inside a Waffle House. Apparently, she failed to read the sign about needing to wear shoes inside the establishment.

So she was carried out, by a Waffle House employee, with her bare feet up in the air and her likely confused head just a few feet from the ground.

That’s right, she was removed from the restaurant while upside down, as a TikTok video posted by someone named Julia revealed.

Barefoot Woman Carried Out of Waffle House by Employee

@queenofthethots69 moral of the story: don’t mess with waffle house employees #orlando #florida #orlandoflorida #downtownorlando #wafflehouse #canipleasegetawaffle ♬ original sound – Julianna

Of course, there was more to the situation than just the female not wearing shoes, according to Julia.

She also threatened to beat up a female worker at the Waffle House, after not receiving her order in a timely fashion.

“The Waffle House employee was like, ‘Huh? I know you’re not talking to me,'” Julia explained. “… Well then the Waffle House worker flew around that corner and served home girl breakfast, lunch and dinner. You mad you didn’t get your food girlie? Well now you got served something else: A knuckle sandwich.”

Apparently, the girl who got carried out left her purse on the counter and rushed right back inside. She again created a stir, throwing food at Julia’s friend, then getting the beat down from Julia, who says she stands 5-foot-10.

Moral of the story? Jim Gaffigan is right. But this particular female didn’t just make one more bad decision at Waffle House. Clearly, she opted for a few.

@queenofthethots69 Replying to @jugbandjubilee ♬ original sound – Julianna

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