Shooting Breaks Out in Texas Gas Station Over a Jar of Salsa

Constable Mark Herman’s Office

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Deep in the heart of Texas, they take their salsa seriously. We probably already knew that — but we may not have realized just how serious it is. Well, we sure have a pretty good idea now.

One female gas station clerk took salsa so seriously, in fact, that when a customer in the store broke a jar of it, she became violently angry. As in, angry enough to shoot the guy.

So that’s allegedly what she did, per Fox News.

The incident took place in a town called Atascocita, northeast of Houston. Apparently, the clerk and customer had a verbal altercation just before he broke the jar of salsa.

Breanna Miranda Arrested

The clerk, identified by police as Breanna Miranda, said she told the man he was not allowed into the store. Perhaps he has some sort of salsa-jar-breaking history at the establishment. Even if not, he broke one on this day. After that, he walked outside.

That’s when Miranda exited the store herself, grabbed a handgun from her vehicle, and fired off a couple of rounds.

Police responded and arrived to find Miranda back behind the counter, perhaps keeping a close eye on the other customers who came in and their handling of the salsa jars.

She was then taken into custody, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and booked at the local jail. Her bond? It was set at $20,000.

Man, you could buy a lot of salsa with that.

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