Single Man Advertises Himself on Billboard to Find Girlfriend, Immediately Goes Viral

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Videos by Rare

Heck with or any of those other dating apps, which often lead to little beyond lots of wasted time, some serious frustration and an emptier pocketbook.

Instead, go straight to the public.

That is what one British man did when trying to land a date, and while we don’t know if he actually has gone on one, he sure got the opportunity.

It’s true. Ed Chapman, 23, decided that he couldn’t take any more of the apps, so he just made a billboard. It consisted of a gigantic picture of himself, with the words “Date Me,” and a way to contact him.

A resident of Leeds, he placed it right next to the interstate, and contact Chapman they did — as he says he’s heard from women ages 18 to 48.

23-Year-Old Puts up Billboard to Find a Girlfriend

“I’ve never been in a relationship or even been on a date,” he told The Sun. “So I thought I’d make a big thing of it and make the search nationwide.

“The billboard is on the M621 on the way into Leeds and it’s much bigger than I expected.”

Now, it appears Chapman has a decision to make. Namely, which woman should he date first?

Once he makes a pick, all that’s left is determining the activity.

“We’ll go out for some drinks or perhaps a nice walk somewhere — or maybe even a bit of crazy golf?” he said.

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