This brilliant “Property Brothers” parody sketch from the premiere episode of “Saturday Night Live’s” 43rd season features Mikey Day as Pete the real estate agent, Alex Moffat as Zeke the contractor and episode host Ryan Gosling as Tristan, the third Property Brother who lived with their dad after their parents divorced.

“If you love the ‘Property Brothers,’ just wait ’til you meet Pete, Zeke and Tristan. It’s The Fliplets!” an enthusiastic voice over says at the beginning to the segment. “You’re watching HGTV, ‘cuz your house sucks!”

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It quickly became clear that while Pete and Zeke were there to make a stereotypical property program, Tristan wasn’t about to fall in line. While the two other brothers took a trip down memory lane and reminisced about their much-loved childhood tree house, Gosling’s black sheep began to bang on about a weird spiritual experience of darkness he had while watching a man die on the streets.

“When I was 12, I saw a man get hit by a bus. And I had plenty of time to intervene, but I was frozen. Not by fear but by a dreadful excitement,” Tristan explained. “I just watched him, like it was all a little show that God was putting on just for me. A marionette, dangling before the lapping flames of his master’s furnace. And in that moment I died a little unto myself, but I was reborn as the lizard I was destined to become.”

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