“SNL” cast member’s Hillary Clinton tattoo is the most ridiculous election reaction we’ve seen yet


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Videos by Rare

“Saturday Night Live’s” Pete Davidson seems to be one of the many people who was pulling for Hillary Clinton in the election, and in a tribute to the failed presidential candidate, Davidson got a tattoo of her image on his leg.

In a post on his Instagram, Davidson wrote, “Wanted to get @hillaryclinton a Christmas gift so I got a tattoo of my hero. Thanks for being such a badass and one of the strongest people in the universe.” The tattoo seems to show a young Clinton with long hair and a perky smile.


This is Davidson’s only photo on Instagram, but his profile is “verified” by the platform, so we have to assume that he really did get Hillary Clinton tattooed on his body. However, since it’s on his leg, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see it in an episode of “SNL.” The AV Club pointed out that the likeness appears to be from a 1995 speech that Clinton made and in a comment, the former first lady wrote, “Thanks, @petedavidson. This makes it significantly less awkward that I’ve had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years. But seriously, I’m honored. Merry Christmas my friend.”

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The young actor has been a shooting star on the iconic show; when he joined, he was the youngest cast member, and the first cast member to be born in the ’90s. He quickly became the go-to character for sketches that called for a “stoner,” but in the last year, Davidson has sworn off drugs and alcohol, saying, “I just didn’t want it to get worse. It’s only going to get harder to quit stuff, so I just figured I’d do it now.”

The “Saturday Night Live” team has earned the ire of the president who spent months blasting them on Twitter after they began leaning on shows (and Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression) that poke fun at the president. At one point during the presidential race, Trump even got to host an episode of the show, but his anger seems to have subsided, as he hasn’t tweeted about them since he assumed office.

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