No one on “Saturday Night Live” does “clueless senior citizen” as well as Kenan Thompson, who opens this “commercial” for the newest member of the Amazon Echo family of products by referring to Alexa as “Alyssa” and “Amanda.” When it doesn’t answer, of course, the clueless senior citizen mutters to himself, “These kids done bought me a busted machine again.”

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Enter Amazon’s “partnership” with AARP, the Amazon Echo Silver: “the only smart speaker device designed specifically to be used by the greatest generation. It’s super loud and responds to any name even remotely close to Alexa.” Those names include “Allegra,” “Anita,” “Aretha,” “Excedrin” and “Alopecia.”

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The Echo Silver has all kinds of uses, like a weather report that Kate McKinnon’s clueless senior citizen doesn’t believe from inside her 100-degree living room. And it can get the latest baseball stats, though Kenan’s character finds it hard to believe that Satchel Paige died in 1982 and didn’t strike out anybody last night. Though it’s best feature might just be the “uh-huh” mode, for those long, rambling stories.

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