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You can say age is just a number and that you “feel 17” all you want but, chances are, no matter how much you feel like a kid inside if you’re 48 years old you’re still going to know how to work an iPhone or an X-Box roughly as well as an actual medieval village idiot would know how to drive a car in comparison to a real teenager.

I’m a millennial and there are still parts of Snapchat that confound and confuse me to the point of anger, like an old man trying to figure out an Apple TV remote. Unless you are exceptionally technologically gifted things are simply going to pass you by. You may have been able to get your Nintendo set up while your dad sat behind you scratching his head, but if porno started playing loudly on your iPhone in a public place you’d probably have to resort to snapping the thing in half over your knee.

This past weekend Saturday Night Live was hosted by Star Wars actor Adam Driver and in one sketch Driver portrayed a dad attempting to learn how to play Fortnite so he can be more popular with his teenage son than his son’s stepfather (and his ex-wife’s new husband). Pretty much from the outset things don’t go well for Driver.

Here’s the sketch:

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