Admit it, that scene in “Willy Wonka” where Charlie’s grandpa stands after sharing a bed with four people for what could be years was pretty hard to believe.

The hilarious “Saturday Night Live” cast definitely did notice that part of the iconic movie and decided to put a spin on the scene this week with host Kristen Stewart.

In the skit, Stewart plays little Charlie who runs into his home with good news about finding one of the coveted Golden Tickets. Peter Davidson stars as Charlie’s grandpa and immediately stands after touching the ticket. As he begins to sing, Stewart’s Charlie becomes suspicious.

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“Wait, what? You can stand?” she said. “Grandpa, you’ve been able to stand this whole time and you just didn’t?”

“Yes,” Davidson answers.

“But, I thought you had terrible Polio,” she said.

“Oh God no. I’m old, not sick Charlie,” Davidson said. “Now, let me finish my song.”

Stewart continues to question the grandfather’s ability to walk when his other grandfather stands up. Things just took a very NSFW turn after that!

Looks like things could have taken a very different turn in the movie!

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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