SNL sketch takes aim at Trump supporters with their new PAC NBC/Screenshot
SNL airs the newest ad from "Racists for Trump."

?Just who is the Donald Trump voter?? is a question the media?s been trying to answer for months, and what better place to find the answer than the newest Trump ad?produced by Saturday Night Live.

Panning across the heartland with more than echoes of ?morning in America,? we first meet a creepily blonde man who believes that the Donald is ?a winner,? and a woman ironing some crisp sheets who thinks he?s ?authentic.? And what better supporter than a blue-collar painter who?s literally on a ladder? These real American folks with real American issues want a strong leader?and they?re also all racists.

The creepy blonde, who finally shows off his armband? Those crispy white sheets? Too obvious sometimes just isn?t obvious enough.

The message is brought to you by Racists for Donald Trump.

Steve is a humor writer for Rare
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