Soccer Fan Showed Her Thong During Game, Promises Striptease if Her Team Gets Promoted

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In the event your favorite Italian soccer club isn’t living up to expectations, there are still ways to get it promoted to a higher division.

All you gotta do, it seems, is break out the buns. Or just take off your clothes entirely.

That is clearly the theory of 22-year-old female fan of Italian team Bari — as she is promising a striptease if they are promoted to Serie A, the top division in international soccer.

She already wears a thong to games, perhaps revealing what awaits if Bari begins playing matches at the next level.

The woman has a large following on OnlyFans, where she is known as “Coyote Cutee.” She also has no issues displaying her bum on her Instagram page.

Sometimes, she even writes the scores of Bari’s game on her cheeks. And we’re not talking about the ones on her face.

Coyote Cutee on Instagram

But she has dreams of taking it up a notch, and revealing more than just her backside. Then, and only then, will some fans consider it a successful season. Honestly, props to her for using her platform to create a stir and make a name out of yourself. If you’re going to to an OnlyFans, or model on Instagram, make sure you use your voice for the better!

Help out people, or in this case a team! Build their fanbase, why not? Honestly, they should just hire her as their social media manager. She sought out to create the impossible, and it gained national attention. Someone give her the keys to the city and give her some money for the promotion. These models are just doing their job, and if it happens to help people along the way, let them roam free!


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