Social media prankster Jake Paul is being sued after car horn prank Jake Paul/YouTube/Screenshot
Jake Paul/YouTube/Screenshot

YouTube prankster Jake Paul is allegedly being sued by a man who claims a prank damaged his hearing and left him in “emotional distress.”

Back in July, Paul posted a video on his YouTube channel showing him and his friends driving a car around Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old social media celeb honked a horn — that had been modified to be extra loud — at strangers and filmed their reactions. But, a victim of the prank claims his hearing was damaged, according to TMZ.

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The man was reportedly exiting a store in West Hollywood when he was targeted by Paul and his prankster entourage. TMZ also claims that the man who filed the lawsuit is seen in Paul’s video, which has been watched more than 7 million times, but it is unclear which person he is.

“I’ve just had my truck pimped out, it’s got this new horn that blasts people’s faces off,” Paul brags in the video. “Let’s scare some people.”

Paul and his doofus crew then honk the horn at innocent pedestrians.

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