Some prankster built a website for the 46th President of the United States — Mike Pence

In this April 17, 2017, file photo, Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington. The Indiana Supreme Court is denying a request from Democratic attorney William Groth, who wanted his public records case against Pence to be given a fresh look. The court's ruling effectively ends a two-year effort by Groth for documents and emails from Pence's tenure as governor. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

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Videos by Rare

The Trump White House is constantly shaking up but Vice President Mike Pence is sticking behind the president and staying put. However, somebody has built a website for Pence’s charge at the Oval Office. They even managed to take the domain “,” which could be frustrating for Pence if he ever decides to take an Oval shot seriously.

Even on the face of it, the site looks fishy. Pence’s slogan is pitched as “See You Tomorrow, For Tomorrow is now Today.” But the dead giveaway is a banner at the top reading “Are You a Homosexual? If Yes, Click Here” — clicking on that link immediately directs you to Hell — or rather, to

In fact, the site isn’t even new. New York Magazine reports that it was set up a few months ago as an April Fool’s Day prank. A video in the page links out to a clip by Funny or Die, who seems to be responsible for the creation of the page. The comedy group, which is led by Will Ferrell, has been getting pretty political in the Trump presidency and they’re definitely throwing their weight against the White House.

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The page also includes a list of “Mike Facts” like “Mike Pence won 3rd prize in the 1972 Indiana Junior Corn Contest” and “Mike Pence likes to watch movies.”

The real-life Mike Pence has been floated as a possible candidate in 2020. After a New York Times piece pointed to evidence that Pence is eyeing a 2020 run if Trump backs off the ticket. The Times story noted that Pence has put together a fund-raising committee and been courting high-profile donors, which are the sort of moves generally practiced by politicians eyeing a promotion.

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