There is magic to be made when a stranger with a tuba on their head and people with Photoshop skills and lots of time on their hands meet.

This is believed to be the origin of the picture, which was apparently posted on Instagram as a video game joke.

As all great things do, the image found its way to the depths of Reddit.

Posted to the Photoshop Battles subreddit, a challenge was set, and the results well exceeded expectations.

Reddit user Frank_Punk
Reddit user ptrikle
Reddit user HoboLicker5000

There were Game of Thrones references.


There was a hat tip to Final Fantasy.

Reddit user TmickyD

Anything that could be parodied …

Reddit user nadya_hates_say

… was.

Reddit user grandemaster
Reddit user _Awkadaf_

That’s right.

Reddit user Epcc7890


Reddit user sp__ace

(H/T Mashable)

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