It’s 50% live action, 50% animated and 100% pure hilariousness.

“Son of Zorn,” which launched its first episode back in mid-September, follows the story of Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudekis), a He-Man type character from the island of Zephyria, who moves to Orange County, California, in the hopes of reconnecting with his ex-wife (Cheryl Hines) and son (Johnny Pemberton)

As if the premise alone wasn’t hilarious enough, the show itself is filled with several laugh-out-loud moments, including when Zorn meets his ex-wife Edie’s online psychiatry teacher fiancé, played by Tim Meadows.

Or when Zorn gets insulted at his office job by a hot sauce-stealing employee.

Or when Zorn takes sandcastle building WAY too seriously.

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You can check “Son of Zorn” out every Sunday night on Fox, where it airs at 8:30 p.m.
“Son of Zorn” is the half animated, half live-action comedy series that you need to check out YouTube Screenshot

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