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What is going on? Why does something that looks like it came from a Limited Too wall for sale at Nordstrom for nearly $6000? I don’t get it. It’s cute, but not $5,695.00 cute. That’s right. This hamburger purse costs as much as a semester at your local state college.

I’m not sure who allowed this, but it’s happening. There is a bedazzled cheeseburger purse on the internet for over $5,000. Don’t get me wrong, I do window shop for expensive handbags here and there, but this is ridiculous. Judith Leiber is behind the hamburger bag, and I have to say, Judith Leiber must have an audience for this bag because why else would it be at Nordstrom?

hamburger purse

I get it. I’m not the target audience for this bag. You know who I think is? Wealthy 13 year-old-girls. Surely they are the only people using this bag.

Although, if I were to see a grown woman using this as an evening bag, I’m going to ask her what she does for a living. You know why? Because there are plenty of hamburger crossbody bags and shoulder bags on Amazon for under $20. She could’ve paid $10 for a coin purse, but she went the extra mile for the $5,695.00 bag. It must be nice.


Check out this review.

hamburger purse review

So yes, you can have the same look for under $20. There is no need to max out a credit card for a hamburger bag. I know tax returns just came in, and it could be tempting, but don’t do it. I found plenty of affordable bags that look like a Wendy’s cheeseburger, and they’re just as cute!

No, they’re not covered in crystals or whatever, but I love a frugal decision.

1. HXQ Hamburger Purse Novelty Shoulder Bag Food Shape

HXQ Hamburger Purse Novelty Shoulder Bag Food Shape,PU Crossbody Bag for Girl Woman

I love it. This bag has enough room for all of your essentials. The best part is that it’s only $9.99.

2. Sleepyville Critters-Hamburger Zippered Coin Purse

Sleepyville Critters-Hamburger Zippered Coin Purse

Here’s a budget-friendly hamburger coin purse. This is perfect for keeping your Sonic happy hour change in.

3. FOR U DESIGNS Soft Pu Leather Zipper Wallet

FOR U DESIGNS Soft Pu Leather Zipper Wallet


Burgers, ice cream, and pizza? This wallet wins.

WATCH: Can you guess how many items can fit in the chicken purse?!

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