‘Tits The Season’ For This Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are the best. Trips to Goodwill for tacky Christmas sweaters are always a good time! I love a good funny ugly sweater, but I’ve found something cuter that I want to wear to this year’s party. (Maybe not to a work-related holiday party, but one with close friends.)

Tits the season, y’all. Ladies, If your significant other is pissed that you’re dragging him to your holiday party, I promise he won’t be upset about it anymore. Throw this sweatshirt on and he’ll be sure to tag along.

Spencer Gifts Tits The Season Christmas Sweater

Spencer Gifts Tits The Season Christmas Sweater

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  • Women’s sizes: S, M, L, XL

This sweater has mittens that are perfect for keeping your man’s hands warm and toasty all night long, thanks to your boobs. Looks like he’ll be ditching the hand warmers and gloves this holiday season! This is not your typical holiday crewneck sweatshirt. There isn’t a cute snowman, snowflakes, or “Happy Holidays,” printed across the chest area—just inserts for someone to hold your boobs.

You’ll make Santa’s naughty list once you put this awesome Christmas sweater on. Your next work party is going to be interesting. Hopefully, the creepy World of Worldcraft dweeb from marketing doesn’t think he can slip his hands in your sweater!

Spencer Gifts Tits The Season Christmas Sweater

This pullover is going to make a fantastic Christmas gift for your loved one. Everyone loves changing into something comfier after Christmas dinner, so grab this funny Christmas sweater and place it under the Christmas tree for your lady.

You can also find similar styles in T-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeve styles. This women’s ugly Christmas sweater is going to be a major hit. An Amazon customer gave it five-stars and said, “Great sweater! Got so many compliments at the tacky Christmas party that I attended. Would definitely recommend if you want a good laugh.”

For gift ideas and ugly holiday sweaters, visit eBay. Be sure to also check out the Tipsy Elves store on Amazon for more funny sweaters.

This post was originally published on September 23, 2020.

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