Sports Anchor Fed Up With Blizzard Shades News Producers Who Forced Him to Cover It

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you ask a sports guy to do a report on the weather, well, you’re going to get the business, and not the good kind. Take Mark Woodley of KWWL-TV, for example.

Woodley was asked to report on the winter storm conditions in Waterloo, Iowa, where the station is located. He was none too pleased — and made that quite evident while on the air.

“Mark, how you feeling out there?” the anchor asked Woodley, the 2020 Iowa Sportscaster of the Year.

“Again, the same way I felt about eight minutes ago when you asked me that same question,” Woodley answered while do a stand-up shot in a blizzard.

He Wasn’t Finished.

“I normally do sports, everything was canceled here for the next couple of day, so what better time to ask the sports guy to come in about five hours earlier than he normally would, wake up, go stand out in the wind in the snow and the cold, and tell other people not to do the same?” Woodley said.

Remember, this was all broadcast. But clearly, Woodley is proud of these type of reports, because he’s the guy who tweeted them out. And the TV station must not mind, because hey, he’s still employed.

And why not? TV news is all about entertaining while you inform, and Woodley is wildly succeeding.

“Well I’ve got good news and bad news,” he said while reporting from another storm. “The good news is, I can find of feel may face right now.

“The bad news is, I kind of wish I couldn’t.”

What may be worse news for Woodley is the fact people seem to be enjoying these weather reports almost as much as they do his sports reports. Or, dare we say it (gasp), maybe more.

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