Stephen Colbert blasts Kellyanne Conway and reveals that “The Late Show” is actually filmed with microwaves

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Stephen Colbert has led the charge in late-night political satire. He’s blasting the Trump administration at every turn, and his dedication to lampooning the White House has seen results. He’s leading the juggernaut “Tonight Show” in overall viewers.

Now that he’s found his sweet spot, Colbert seems to be playing the anti-Trump tune for all it’s worth.

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On Monday night, his monologue didn’t pull any punches. Though he began on a lighter note — renaming Winter Storm Stella as “Winter Storm Crazy Balls” — the host blasted the Obamacare replacement plan, saying that it was unpopular with “mortals.”

Unsurprisingly, Colbert turned his attention to Kellyanne Conway.

Though Conway made history as the first female campaign manager to successfully put a candidate in the White House, she has since become widely known for spouting off ridiculous statements. Most recently, Conway suggested that Trump’s wiretap claims are not untrue because there are “microwaves that turn into cameras.”

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Colbert pounced on that statement, joking, “It’s true…microwaves that turn into cameras, how do you think we film this show?”

In the sort of finale, Colbert stuck his head in a microwave and spoke directly to former President Obama, joking, “Can I come in there with you?”

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