Stephen Colbert breaks down the health care bill and the “nation’s strategic white guy reserve”

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On Thursday, history was made when the Republican House of Representatives passed their replacement of Obamacare. The bill moved through the annals of the system at breakneck speed, and Republican Speaker Paul Ryan gave an impassioned speech on the floor. Conservative supporters championed the bill while liberal commentators blasted it as downright cruel. And Stephen Colbert has become one of the loudest liberal commentators in the political sphere.

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Fresh off a controversy in which he was accused of being homophobic, Colbert broke down the health care bill on Thursday night’s episode of “The Late Show.” The host pointed to a Vox article that estimated that the new bill would cut taxes for the wealthy by $883 billion. Colbert quipped, “now listen, if hearing that raises your blood pressure, calm down. You can’t afford the medication anymore.”

Colbert then mocked the premature celebration that the Republicans threw after they passed the bill. He joked that Republicans were chanting, “We’re number one…third of the way of the through a very complex process.” He also took the opportunity to mock Reince Preibus’ quote: “the president stepped up and helped punt the ball into the end zone.” Colbert quipped, “I think a more accurate metaphor might have been ‘the GOP just kicked America in the balls.'”

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The Republicans’ afterparty was quite the sight and Colbert joked, “right after the vote, the Republicans went over to the White House where Donald Trump spoke about the bill in front of the nation’s strategic white guy reserve.”

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