Stephen Colbert didn’t mince words after reports that Trump leaked classified information to Russia

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Monday’s reports that President Trump shared classified information with Russia during a meeting with the foreign minister rocked Washington DC. While a number of outlets independently confirmed the story — which was originally reported by the Washington Post — with anonymous intelligence community officials, Trump’s team denied that the conversations “as reported” took place.

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On Monday night, Stephen Colbert took to the floor of the Ed Sullivan Theatre and didn’t mince words in his opening monologue. He began by critiquing Trump’s comments that he may cancel future press briefings saying and addressing the rumors that Sean Spicer may soon be replaced. The “Late Show” host pleaded, “please, please, please don’t take Sean Spicer from us.”

At one point in the monologue, the host flat-out said what he’s been thinking for a few months, quipping, “I have something to say here; Donald Trump, if you’re watching, you’re a bad president. Please resign.” That remark drew a long applause from the audience.

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On the Russia story, Colbert quipped that he had “good news…Trump found the leaker.” The host then turned back to the firing of FBI Director James Comey and reports that Trump asked the former director for “his loyalty.”

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