Stephen Colbert swings by the Comey hearings to ask some questions of his own

YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On Thursday, the nation was captivated by the James Comey hearings. And, perhaps, nobody was more excited than late night hosts who were promised a wealth of material from the interactions between senators and the former FBI director.

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Unfortunately, there weren’t any real fireworks in the Comey hearings, and so, some late night hosts decided to improvise. Stephen Colbert’s crew worked the host into a clip of the hearings.

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Like the rest of us, Colbert was taken aback when Comey stood up, and all 6 feet 8 inches of him towered over the chamber. The host quipped, “My God! He’s a giant.”

Colbert really seemed interested in finding out from the FBI director if there is evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. But, even the great Stephen Colbert was left empty-handed.

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