Stephen Colbert takes a shot at Kid Rock with the help of his friend Shriekin’ Joe

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Singer-turned-grill designer Kid Rock has announced a new line of grills and floated the possibility that he’ll be vying for a Senate race soon.

On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert took a few shots at Senator Rock. The “Late Show” host opened his segment by previewing the new commercial for Kid Rock’s new line of grills, “American Badass Grills.”

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But Colbert’s friend Shriekin’ Joe isn’t so happy that Kid Rock has captured the monopoly on American badassness. As he explains, “Anyone can make a grill seem badass — it’s a metal box that uses fire to burn meat.”

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To prove that he’s the real big man on the music circuit, Shriekin’ Joe is unleashing a series of “American Dumbass Fun Time Ice Cream Machines.”

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