Steve Harvey could barely contain his disgust with Kyle when he asked him to talk about sex YouTube/Screenshot

During a recent episode of “Family Feud” Steve Harvey asked his two contestants to name another word or phrase for having sex and specified that their answer needed to be clean.

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As soon as he asked the question, a man named Kyle chimed in with a less than stellar answer.

“Fresh,” Kyle tells Steve.

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In classic “Family Feud” fashion, Harvey takes a moment to pause and reflect on the troubles for the world, and allows the silence to hang in the air creating dramatic tension for whatever he is going to say next.

“You didn’t have a clean way that you could say it at all,” Harvey tells Kyle once he finally starts to speak.

When the next contestant chimed in with “making whoopee,” Harvey revealed that answer to be on the board.

While walking the lady back to her podium, Harvey looked back at Kyle with disgust at how terrible of an answer he offered.

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