Waiting For That $1,400? Check Out These Funny ‘Stimmy’ Memes to Pass The Time

After months of uncertainty and partisan conflict, congress officially approved Joe Biden’s Coronavirus pandemic relief package. And as I’m sure you’ve heard, it includes a third round of stimulus checks. (Find out if you are eligible here.) Now millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting the sweet moment that the $1,400 direct deposit hits their bank accounts. One great way to acknowledge — and stave off — the anxiety? Stimulus check memes. The topic has blown up on social media through hilariously exaggerated pics and quips regarding the sudden burst of money.

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Between continued unemployment benefits, tax returns, and the new stimulus package, the internet can hardly contain its excitement. And how else could we express ourselves during these isolated times? The so-called ‘stimmy’ jokes trending now grapple with a grim reality: the Covid-19 pandemic cost many people their livelihoods and income. Yet it took lawmakers in Washington D.C. so much effort to approve a mere $1,400. But rather than criticize, we are just grateful for the good news. That’s why the funniest memes, I think, involve fast-food chains. During such a tough time, this money will likely go toward necessary expenses. Nobody will actually be dining out at five-star restaurants. That’s why so many of the memes take place at everyday commercial establishments like McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys, and Chick-Fil-A. Across a populist medium like Twitter, even the fantasy of luxurious demand is relegated to a dirt-cheap dining experience. It’s appropriate, sad, and also, laugh out loud funny.

The Stimmy Memes


And… Those Chain Restaurant Memes


We can expect to see more of these memes in the coming weeks. The stimulus bill officially became law yesterday, on March 14, but not everyone will receive their money at once. Today, however, Joe Biden announced on Twitter that over the next ten days we will see two exciting advancements: “One hundred million shots in people’s arms” and “One hundred million checks in people’s pockets.” Let’s hope he’s right.

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