Strip Club Accused of Drugging Male Customers, Stealing Money and Jewelry from Them

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Videos by Rare

A strip club in Fort Worth, Texas has shocked the world after news broke that potentially unethical practices may have been taking place within the establishment. Rick’s Cabaret in Fort Worth has been accused of assaulting customers, overserving customers alcohol, and drugging customers’ drinks in order to steal money and possessions from them and overcharge their credit cards. The accusations have left many wondering if there’s anyone at all who can still be trusted in this world.

The accusations against Rick’s Cabaret, levied by four men in a lawsuit against RCI Hospitality Holdings, are both alarming and disgusting.

Bryan Rice of Parker County, Texas claims that he was attacked while trying to leave Rick’s. The night Rice alleges he was assaulted he claims managers invited he and his friends into the VIP suite to continue drinking, but Rice declined because he believed he was too intoxicated to continue drinking. The strippers and servers, however, continued to order Rice drinks and charge them to his credit card. When Rice attempted to leave he was stopped by a bouncer who demanded he sign an additional $300 credit card bill. Rice refused and got into his car to call his wife to give him a ride home, because he was too drunk to drive. The bouncer then, according to Rice, reached through his car window, grabbed him, and punched him.

Scott Walton of Fort Worth claims that when he went to Rick’s in January 2018 he drank two cocktails offered to him by waitresses. After the second drink, he became disoriented and his vision blurred. Once he was drugged Walton claims strippers stole money and jewelry from him and ran up charges on his credit card. Once they’d gotten enough out of Walton bouncers assaulted him and threw him out on the street.

Brandon Waggoner, who is also from Fort Worth, claims he also had his drink drugged at Rick’s, in April of 2018. Waggoner and a friend were in Rick’s VIP section when Waggoner became so dazed that he could not lift his arms to stop strippers from taking his money and Rolex watch.

Jeff Gibson, meanwhile, says that back in May of 2014 he blacked out after drinking one beer and one shot at Rick’s. Over the next three hours, Gibson’s card was charged $3,974, including $600 for a tip and $1,470 for a total of 60(!) lapdances, a number of dances Gibson found suspicious because his groin hadn’t been eroded into a smooth, flat surface.

The four men filed a lawsuit against RCI Hospitality Holdings on February 27th, 2019 in Tarrant County. The suit names Rick’s Cabaret, manager Kim Williams, and its Houston-based corporate office as plaintiffs.

This post was originally published on March 13, 2019.

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