Strip Club Offers Its Old Couches For Free, But Warns There Might Be Stains on Them

Are you moving soon? Do you live near Toledo, Ohio? Have you been looking everywhere for a decent affordable couch? Well look no more, this strip club will give you one for FREE. Yes, you read that right, free! BUT, you know what they say, everything comes with a price. The price this time is…stains.

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Yes, the strip club says you can have all the couches you want but warns there might be a few stains here and there. So basically, it’s a free couch with a side of crabs. Scarlett’s Cabaret, which has a 3.5-star rating, is refurnishing. So, they decided to give back to their community the best way they can. They listed all of their couches on Facebook Marketplace, and added a nice quote, saying, “Warning: May have stains from unknown bodily fluids. Use at your own risk.” By the look of their Instagram photos, yeah, I totally believe that.

That’s not all! Scarlett’s caught on fire last month so the couches probably have some sort of smoke damage to them. Although, smoke damage doesn’t seem as bad as stains if you ask me. I know free is free, but come on. No one in their right mind will take these right? Even people with weird-ass fetishes have to see how bad and disgusting this is!

Just think about it. One sit and BOOM, chlamydia. Who knows what those couches have seen since they have been there. You’re better off just sitting on the floor. Gross, gross gross. This is gonna be a MAJOR no from me.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on July 16, 2019.

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