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A stripper from Dallas, Texas was looking to give her audience some extra excitement with a high flying act but the Cirque de Soliel thrills she was going for veered into “morbid viewing of circus accidents on YouTube” territory when she took a massive fall from the ceiling of her club.

A video of exotic dancer Genea Sky falling hard onto the stage from her perch high atop a pole went viral on Twitter over the weekend and the footage is brutal.

A video from before the fall shows the extent of Genea’s crazy performance.

In case you’re wondering if the stripper walked away from the fall okay… sort of? She broke her jaw, chipped multiple teeth, got stitches, and has to have surgery but she got on Instagram to let everyone know she was fine, so… okay good for you!

Genea also started a GoFundMe to help her pay her medical bills.

A few stray observations:

1. In case you didn’t see it in the second video, this woman took a brutal fall, shattered her jaw, and kept dancing. Does she just strip on the side when she’s not playing in the NHL?


2. Where have these Cirque de Soliel strip acts been all my life? That looks incredible. And this gives me ideas for other stripper/athletics combos like naked parkour and naked gymnastics, or “stripnastics.” Please someone do this.


3. Since when are you allowed to film at strip clubs? Or even have your phone out for that matter. I can’t even return a text without a bouncer yelling at me like I’m some sicko perv who puts hidden cameras in women’s rooms.

4. Get back to work soon, Genea, you are a freakin’ trooper.

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