Strippers Seen Dancing on Top of Moving Humvee Equipped with Pole


A gaggle of female exotic dancers were spotted driving around Kansas City, Missouri, though not quite how one would expect. The strippers weren’t in a car. They were on it. More specifically they were on the pole that was on the car.

Videos by Rare

The mobile strip club was spotted driving through the Paris of the Plains as bemused onlookers watched and tried to take in the adult entertainment on wheels.

A COVID-Friendly Bachelor Party?

Nothing more American than a stripper pole on a Hummer from PublicFreakout

In these trying Coronavirus times, is this the answer for gentlemen’s clubs and bachelor parties (and the birthday parties of pervs) across the United States? Sure lap dances are off the table but this socially distanced strip show might be our new present.  You call some club owner named Greasy Randy and boom: a humvee with a bunch of party strippers shows up in your Overland Park or Olathe cul-de-sac for a topless drive by.

Divorce Parties are a Thing?

This is apropos of absolutely nothing involving this stripper humvee but I have no more words for it. I’m going to give you a little peak behind the curtain here at Rare. We run SEO reports on all of our stories and make sure to mention some of the more prominent phrases associated with our story.

For whatever reason, one of the phrases for this Kansas City stripper story was “Divorce Parties.” What? Are those a thing? I mean, I guess it’s cool if you’re getting out of a terrible marriage but otherwise maybe don’t let your kids know you’re playing party games to celebrate their family splitting up? Seems weird.

What do you think?

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