Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” but there’s just one problem

A lot of sports analysts are arguing that it’s now impossible to say the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady is not the best quarterback in history. He has more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback, and his stats speak for themselves.

On Monday night, Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about the team’s Super Bowl victory.

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At one point in the show, Kimmel announced that they had snagged an appearance by Brady himself, and the famed quarterback appeared — still wearing his football uniform. However, when he finally took of his helmet, the audience discovered that it wasn’t the football player, but instead was Kimmel’s arch-nemesis, Matt Damon, the Boston superfan.

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When Kimmel tried to get his security guard Guillermo to remove the intruder, even he was starstruck by the man he assumed to be Tom Brady.

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