Take a cue from Nick Offerman and celebrate New Year’s Eve by sitting silently and sipping whiskey YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Nick offerman new years eve

New Year’s Eve is typically a time for fun and festivity, wherein we bid the old times adieu and prepare to turn over a new leaf (and then forget about that halfway through January, but we regress and digress). But suppose you’re tired after the tumultuous year that was 2016. Maybe all the nonsense of the presidential election race has robbed you of your desire to party hard. Maybe, horror of horrors, you don’t feel like going out on the town and getting tanked on vodka to numb the cold. What should you do?

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Fortunately, Nick Offerman has the answer. Rather than go hog wild, you can just sit in total silence and sip at some nice whiskey. You don’t necessarily have to go for the full hour, but points if you do. Enjoy your contemplative holiday.

(H/t Uproxx)

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