Talking to the kids about the birds and the bees is tough, but comedian Josh Wolf gave it his best shot

YouTube/Laugh Factory (Josh Wolf sex talk)

Talking to kids about sex is probably pretty awkward, but Josh Wolf’s conversation with his son was seriously hilarious!

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The comedian talked about his “birds and the bees” conversation during a stand-up set at the Laugh Factory and it left the audience howling in laughter.

After proudly announcing to his father that he had “touched a boob,” Wolf’s son went right to his dad for a little advice for his upcoming alone time with his girlfriend. Wolf admitted that some of the moves he planned on putting on the girlfriend were decent, but he was totally taken aback when his son asked about things that go on down there.

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“When he was saying all of this, all I kept thinking was, ‘Man, I wish I was high for this conversation. I should be so high right now!'” he said.

Wolf was completely grossed out when his son asked for the advice and just couldn’t handle it anymore. “I can’t talk to you about this! Google it!” he yelled at the audience. “I can’t give you my secrets! Are you kidding me?!”

So awkward!

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