Crazy Chicken Express Employee Attacks Customer Through Drive-Thru Window

I always check my bag before I leave a fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru, in fear that I was given the wrong order. And I’m not really sorry about how long it takes me before I let the next person behind me move forward to get their order. But after watching this video of this customer getting attacked by a Chicken Express employee, I’m smugly reassured that taking my time to make sure my order is correct isn’t done in vain.

In Red Oak, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, a man was given the wrong order at a Chicken Express restaurant. According to the Daily Post USA, after he contacted the location about it, they offered a 50% discount on his next order. But when he came back to the fast-food chain to claim his discount, something went horribly wrong. The video shows the Chicken Express drive-thru employee suddenly jumping out of the window and assaulting the man in his car.

Texas Chicken Express Employee Assaults Customer in Drive-Thru Window

Although it’s not totally sure what actually happened here to cause the altercation, but KXAN News explained that the customer eventually filed a lawsuit against the fast-food chain. This poor guy was just trying to order some food, probably at his own convenience, only to end up having to deal with not only a wrong order, but probably some trauma and a black eye too.

Maybe it’s just my affinity for juicy drama, but I strive to either witness or dare I say, be a part of, some sort of drive-thru encounter like this one day. I mean, as much as anyone grabs fast food on their way home after a night of drinking or after work out of pure laziness from having a busy day, you’re bound to somehow be involved in this kind of craziness eventually. I’m just awaiting my day.

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