Some people, like Morgan Freeman, Sam Elliot and James Earl Jones, have great voices for narration, and just about all of us would be happy to have them narrate our lives. But it turns out that Snoop Dogg has a pretty good narrator’s voice too, and it’s best utilized on “Planet Earth” videos — or as he calls them, “Plizzanet Earth.”

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Mr. Dogg stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night to narrate a battle between a lizard and a gang of hungry snakes, and he didn’t disappoint. The clip opened with the rapper observing, “Little cute little lizard — what the hell is going on […] Snakes is straight assholes, you can tell by the way they looking at him, they plotting right now.”

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The lizard managed to make it to safety, giving this Snoop Dogg tale a happy ending.

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