The crew on “Conan” has a lot of complaints, and they’re letting them out

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Conan O’Brien has dragged his crew through a lot in the past few months, he’s filmed in Europe and Mexico, and it’s understandable for the show’s workers to be upset.

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On Friday night’s show, the cast finally aired their grievances, saying that the spoon used to scoop up the nuts wasn’t good enough, and the camera man even had to be held back after he got riled up. Apparently, O’Brien’s crew is most upset that the spoon that they use to scoop up the nuts is sub-par.

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O’Brien’s camera guy got pretty angry every time that the topic of the nut spoon hasn’t been discussed more openly. Surprisingly, the host agreed that there should be a new “nut spoon.”

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