“The Daily Show” takes on the anti-Trump rendition of “Julius Caesar”

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Videos by Rare

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The Shakespeare in the Park plays are a staple in New York City, but the company received negative attention lately after their performance of “Julius Caesar” featured a Donald Trump doppelganger being stabbed repeatedly. A few sponsors even pulled their money from the production.

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On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah took a break from talking about Jeff Sessions to dive into the Shakespeare debacle. He joked, “Clearly, putting a Trump lookalike into the play angered a lot of people, plus, the play totally ignores that it was Ted Cruz’s dad who actually killed Caesar.” The remark was a reference to Trump’s suggestion that Ted Cruz’s father was somehow related to the murder of JFK.

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Noah went on to poke fun at the Fox News hosts who condemned the play. The comedian quipped, “How are you just learning that Shakespeare is distasteful? The dude’s plays have beheadings, suicides, and characters have their own dead children fed to them. Shakespeare is basically Quentin Tarantino with a thesaurus.”

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