American voters are already getting pumped for the 2020 election, mostly due to the fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has recently spoken about the “real possibility” that he might run for office.

On Wednesday evening’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” host Jimmy Kimmel decided to help his viewers envision what a showdown between The Rock and Donald Trump.

“According to a new public policy poll, if he ran for president, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would beat Donald Trump 42 percent to 37 percent,” Kimmel told his audience. “I think an actual rock might beat Donald Trump at this point.”

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Kimmel then listed The Rock’ s qualifications, jokingly mentioning that he’s served in the military, worked for the CIA, fought off natural disasters and protected our oceans. His statements were accompanied by promotional images from Johnson’s films including “Baywatch,” “GI Joe” and “San Andreas.”

“It would be the greatest race for president slash pay-per-view event of all time,” Kimmel joked. As a video featuring WWE footage of both potential candidates played.

“You run down our country. It’s a country we love. It’s a country we’re proud of,” The Rock says in the heavily edited video before an intimidating voiceover proclaims it’s “ElectoMania 2020” and it’s time to “Dwayne the swamp” in an all out “smackdown of democracy.”

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