The gag reel from “The Avengers” hilariously shows us all that even superheroes make mistakes YouTube

They might not be real superheroes, but they play them in “The Avengers.”

This gag reel from the 2012 film is full of laughs. While shooting a scene, Mark Ruffalo takes one look at the impending doom that is coming for The Avengers and takes off running in the other direction. He cracked the whole crew up and caused his cast mates to break their characters.

In another intense scene between Clark Gregg and Chris Evans, Gregg takes advantage of the dramatic music to go in for a kiss with Evans. (Can you blame him?)

“I had to put one on there for the gag reel,” Gregg laughed.

With all of these hilarious flubs, it’s a wonder the film was even finished on time!

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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