This hilariously cringeworthy clip is taken from the fifth episode of the third season of Comedy Central’s brilliantly bizarre series “Nathan For You,” starring Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder — although it almost seems inaccurate to describe Fielder as a comedian. In truth, he’s more of a comedic conceptual artist. Like Yoko Ono, but funny and logical.

The show revolves around Nathan offering ridiculous advice to struggling businesses. In the clip above, Fielder is doesn’t believe the chemistry between the two leads in a play he’s writing, directing and producing (in an attempt to boost business for a bar), so he takes the actor’s place and asks the actress to look him in the eye and say “I love you,” over and over again.

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This goes on for a long time. An awkwardly long time.

In the actual episode, the scene was shortened, but the video above features the entirety of the most uncomfortable 10 minutes of that young actress’s life.

Here’s Fielder talking about his coffee store “Dumb Starbucks,” which went viral a few years ago.

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