The Internet Seriously Wants Jennifer Coolidge to Be The Next 007

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

LOL. Now, this is something I am 100% behind. Jennifer Coolidge has been making her way around the Internet thanks to her Emmy win for her fabulous work on The White Lotus. This time around, she’s causing quite another stir thanks to her new role as a mother-in-law in the new film shotgun wedding.

The upcoming rom-com follows Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel on their marriage journey which will take place in an island paradise. But unfortunately for them, several gangs of pirates have a different plan in mind and they decide to attack the wedding party and take over several hostages. Yes. Talk about a wild ass movie.

Jennifer Coolidge: The New 007

The trailer was released on October 4th thanks to Amazon Prime video and officially hits the streaming platform in January 2023. But it wasn’t Lopez or Duhmel who stole the thunder of the film, rather it was Coolidge herself.

While she may not be the main character, she certainly knows how to overtake a scene. Fans basically went ballistic when they saw Coolidge in the trailer, as she said “Nobody f*cks with my family!”  whipping out an automatic rifle and begins to throw a bullet into the air.  It’s perfect, it’s brilliant, and she deserves an Oscar just for this soul moment.

The Name is Jennifer…Jennifer Coolidge

As expected Twitter also went wild with silver users demanding her to be cast as the new 007. One user wrote, “MAKE JENNIFER COOLIDGE THE NEXT BOND, YOU COWARDS.” Another one tweeted: “I never knew I needed to see Jennifer Coolidge with a machine gun until now.” One person even wanted more for Coolidge, saying, “Jennifer Coolidge as the next Doctor, the next James Bond, and the next Star Wars Sith Lord.”

 The internet has been quite busy trying to find a new 007, with producers yet to announce who will take over the role. But it was recently announced that Tom Hardy, Tom Holland, and Idris Elba were out of love with the picture. So Coolidge? Yeah, let’s do it.

Honestly, I can totally see that she always perfects every role that she gets, so why not. Have you forgotten her Infamous Legally Blonde character Paulette Bonafonte? Iconic, that’s it, that’s what she is, iconic. 

What do you think?

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