The internet’s latest viral challenge requires timing, confidence, good aim and your rear end


The internet may have found its next viral video sensation. While you can’t usually just say, “Help me go viral” and have the web hivemind oblige, Twitter user @squidliannn managed to strike gold with a 5-second video, which became the progenitor of the Booty Flip Challenge.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Not to be confused with the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Booty Flip Challenge (hereafter BFC) is not a charitable event; its appeal is entirely comical. A two-man show, the BFC involves one participant (let’s call them the spotter), usually the person with the camera, tossing an object (generally a marker or pen) at the hindquarters of a second participant (whom we’ll call the striker). As the projectile makes contact with the striker’s derriere, they back that thang up a bit, bouncing the projectile into a goal, typically a trash can. If all goes as planned, the striker may celebrate as they see fit, be their manner graceful and modest or brash and arrogant.

Here are a few of the better examples:

Can your ass make the assist? Will your butt make the bucket? Is your can capable? Does your donk take direction?

If you believe so, then try the BFC and demonstrate your gluteal gumption.


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