Apple’s latest contraption, the iPhone X, is causing quite the stir and not because it’s bad — for a change. It seems the camera quality on the device is quite good. Like, really good. Actually, it’s too good!

The phone boasts precise facial mapping, studio-quality lighting, depth sensors and optimal zoom, which means iPhone X owners can some truly high definition pictures. Which is great when snapping gorgeous landscapes or a couch you’re trying to sell on Craigslist, but not so good for selfies.

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Just when we thought we’d perfected the art of the selfie, along comes the iPhone X and its technically brilliant but not-so desirable ability to capture all the tiny little details like pimples and pores.

Naturally, Twitter users made their thoughts on the phone’s camera clarity known to the world:

“The iPhone x camera makes me a little uncomfortable idk if i wanna see myself, or anyone else for that matter, that clearly,” one honest selfie lover tweeted.

Others shared actual selfies that they’d taken with their recently acquired gizmos:

“I’m going to need all my friends to switch to Android, I am way too ugly for this new iPhone X camera,” joked this disgruntled Tweeter.

One user was concerned about the camera’s potential sentience: “I’m gonna try to open the iPhone X front facing camera and it’s gonna be like girl are you sure,” they wrote.

The iPhone X’s new camera has many people feeling really insecure Photo by Ralf Juergens/Getty Images
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