“The Late Show” uses March Madness to explain Paul Ryan’s recent Obamacare failure

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Last week Paul Ryan suffered what can only be described as a devastating defeat when his Obamacare repeal plan was shot down before it even came to a vote. In a press conference after his bill crashed, Ryan appeared humbled and even a bit shaken.

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But the politician isn’t the only man in America who has tasted bitter defeat recently. We’re in the heat of March Madness which means that there are going to be plenty of press conferences featuring flustered coaches and players.

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To help political nerds understand basketball and basketball nerds understand politics, “The Late Show” decided to bring the two worlds together. The announcers declared that Obamacare repeal “was their ‘white whale’ and this team does not have a lot of black whales.” They joked that President Trump was Ryan’s star player who “was never able to grasp the complexity of the game although he was able to grasp the lady parts of the cheerleaders.”

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