The liquid nitrogen and whipped cream challenge is the Internet’s weirdest offering today and it looks kind of awesome YouTube

Thanks to forums like YouTube, people have been able to put their wild antics on display for the world to see. This, of course, has led to some totally ridiculous “challenges” surfacing all over the web.

Remember the cinnamon challenge? If you don’t, allow us to refresh your memory. Its premise was simple: you measure out a tablespoon of cinnamon, take it, and count to ten. Needless to say, it burns like hell. This cinnamon challenge video has been viewed more than 48 million times!

Thankfully, people never run out of insane ideas to test out in front of millions of people. The latest offering is the liquid nitrogen and whipped cream challenge. YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker uploaded this video to YouTube on May 8 and it has since garnered more than a million views. If you happen to have a liquid nitrogen tank around your house, you too can test out this insane experiment.

Russian accent not a prerequisite, but preferred.

Helene Vincent is an editor for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @HMV5.
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