Hasbro Has Another Gross Game We Love Called ‘Peeing Pup’

If your kids or grandchildren asked for a puppy this year, this will definitely break their puppy fever. Hasbro Gaming has done it again with a board game that adults will love. The Peeing Pup game is the perfect holiday gift for the entire family. Each player will take turns holding the pup, petting him. Once he barks three times, it’s time to pass him over to the next person.

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Eventually, someone will get peed on by the little pup. By clean tap water, of course! It’s basically hot potato, with a hilarious twist. I wonder how long it takes for the pup to pee the first time you play the game. As the suspense builds, the game becomes pure entertainment.

Hasbro Gaming Peeing Pup Game Fun Interactive Game for Kids Ages 4 & Up

Peeing Pup Game

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This little pup is actually making cute sounds as you pet him and pass him around, then all of a sudden it’s relieving himself on you. I love it. This hilarious game will definitely bring out lots of laughs at family and work outings. It’s available on Amazon and Walmart, so gift the child in your life with a Hasbro Peeing Pup game for Christmas.

I have some friends who went on to be teachers. They’re always open to great indoor activities for their preschoolers. This would definitely be a fun unpredictable kids’ game after a long day of learning how to write your name. Now, you’re probably wondering if there’s a winner. The only player who doesn’t get peed on by the pup wins the game.

This fun game is a revamped version hot of potato. Customer reviews gave me all the reassurance I needed that someone my age or older would enjoy the peeing pup game. Whether it’s for a fun birthday activity or a game to play with your drunk relatives, I think everyone will be excited about this Hasbro game.

It does need AAA batteries, so make sure you grab a pack. Or just take the ones out of the TV remote! You know the drill. Give the card games a break this year and snap the plastic tail on this pup and get to playing!

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